A Useful Adjunct to Wound Healing

This is not directly associated with Colloidal Silver (yet) and my research is currently in the very early stages; however, I am putting this out in the hope that others will contribute in the “Comments” section.
I came across a treatment for Tinnitus recently which involves the use of coherent light, something I have known about for many years. The idea is that blue light calms the cells of the body and red light energises the cells. Some links follow:
I was sent a marketing letter offering this product, but the price was absurd (over 250 GBP) for what was obviously “just” a low-power red laser pointer connected to a flexible earpiece with a fibre-optic core, directing the laser light onto the eardrum. The power rating was stated as between 1 – 5 mW and 635nm laser diode (red light).
I thought about this for a while and made sure that I immediately bought several laser “pointers” in case the ignorant PTB attempt to ban their use and purchase. I now have several 1 mW (this is the standard-power laser pointer in the UK), and a couple of higher-powered laser pointers, in case power is important. The power rating for the commercial item is 5 mW.
The commercial device is a Class II medical device, and cannot achieve this designation without having a proven medical effect. As I have had good results against Seasonal Affective Disorder with home-made light boxes, I therefore thought that the concept was worth pursuing.
Starting at the lower end of the power spectrum, as the commercial versions are intended to be used for 20 minutes at a time, I shone a standard, unmodified red laser pointer of 1 mW at a small cut for about half a minute, and repeated this once a day.
To my astonishment (but I should not have been surprised, I suppose) the cut not only healed twice as fast, but the scab fell off in three days. I commend this to the readership, and I cannot help speculating that since CS in its’ ISO form is highly light-sensitive, the effects of a combination of red laser light and ISO may be interesting.
I shall be conducting further experiments and will report back.
SAFETY NOTE: Laser light, even at 1 mW, may cause eye damage; and 200 mW and 1000 mW lasers of any colour, will light a match. More power is not necessarily better in this instance. YOU CANNOT SHINE A LASER OF THESE POWER RATINGS AT YOUR SKIN for any length of time, let alone your eardrum, without SEVERE DAMAGE. A 200 mW laser burns skin in seconds. DO NOT DO IT.

How Colloidal Silver Works, The Unified Theory

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The effectiveness of silver nanoparticles (colloidal silver) has been proven many times in the laboratory, and a rich history of use. But how it works has mostly remained a mystery. Researchers tend to look at specific aspects of the action that silver nanoparticles have on pathogens, but don’t take a step back and look at the broader picture. This is colloquially known as not being able to see the forest for the trees.
An example is the in-vitro research using ionic silver solutions to kill ecoli bacteria. The effect of the silver solution is quite good at killing the ecoli in the test medium. However, other researchers have proven that ionic silver is very susceptible to being reduced to metallic silver simply by the respiration byproducts (exudate) of ecoli bacteria. IE: The ionic silver is converted to metallic silver nanoparticles before it actually contacts the bacteria. So while it is true that the ionic silver killed the ecoli, it was converted to metallic silver beforehand by the very bacteria which it killed.
So this is an attempt to see the forest without being blinded by the trees.


Caveat – bear in mind that the results are anecdotal, sample size of one, and may have been affected by the placebo effect. However…
13.00hrs Friday July 4th 2014 – Consumed hot chicken salad in the work canteen and noticed that the chicken seemed very uncooked. Ate it anyway. (You tend to do that, if you are good at making CS).
22.50hrs Friday July 4th 2014 – Severe stomach pains. Assumed chicken was the cause, drank 200 mls CS (all CS doses were 20 ppm Cinnamon-reduced). Went to sleep.
06.30hrs Saturday July 5th 2014 – Stomach pain only slightly reduced, drank another 200 mls, went to work. Three other colleagues were off work sick with a stomach bug. Same pain during the day, no diarrhoea or vomiting, didn’t feel like eating much and went home normal time. 19.00 hrs ate a normal meal. Drank a litre of plain water during the day (Should have been more). Another 200 mls CS mid-morning.
08.00hrs Sunday July 6th 2014 – Stomach pain now diminishing rapidly, and felt to be much lower down the intestine. One stool passed, normal consistency. Only medically-interesting incident was that urine was very dark yellow and seemed cloudy. Kept up the higher-than-normal intake of water. Other urinations were normal in amount and colour, but more in frequency due to higher water consumption.
Monday 7th july 2014 – no symptoms, one colleague still off work today.
No sickness, no diarrhoea (at all). I normally take the CS much earlier (when I notice any stomach pain) in which case the pain and symptoms normally disappear within an hour. Not a bad result. I take at least 2 x 500ml bottles of CS on holiday with me for this purpose.

About Argyria

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Argyria is the gray/blue discoloration of the skin caused by the ingestion of certain types of silver preparations. According to studies done with electron microscopes, the blue/gray color is the result of silver compounds within the cells. The silver compounds inside the cell have been determined to be silver sulfide (sulfur) and silver selenide (selenium).
The major types of silver are metallic or ionic.
Ionic silver means the silver exists as a soluble compound with other substances, like oxides, chlorides, nitrates, citrates, acetates, etc. In its ionic state, the silver has a positive electric charge because it has donated an electron to the other part of the compound. Not all silver compounds are soluble, and therefore are not ionic. Insoluble compounds are not ionic. Silver sulfide for example is a silver compound that is not water soluble and therefore not ionic in water.
Metallic silver is a cluster of individual silver atoms about 15 billionths of a meter in diameter, and carries no net electric charge because it has not given any electrons away. However, it has an effective negative charge because its electrons are on the surface of the atoms. Opposite electric charges attract to each other, while like electric charges repel.
This difference in electric charge is very important in understanding how argyria occurs. Human cells require certain ions for life, like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc. Human cells carry a negative electric charge on their surface which attracts positively charged ions like sodium and potassium to their surface where they are ingested through special pores on the cell wall. Metallic silver particles are repelled by cell walls, so it is not possible for metallic silver to enter a cell and be trapped inside. Also, metallic silver particles are at least 50 times larger than an ion, and as such are far too large to enter through the cells’s pores.
Many purveyors of colloidal silver say that ionic silver cannot cause argyria because ions are the smallest size and cannot get ‘stuck’ within cells. The fallacy of this argument is that it assumes that the silver ion remains an ion, but this is untrue. Once inside the cell, the silver ions combine with sulfur inside the cell and become insoluble silver sulfide, or combine with selenium and become insoluble silver selenide. These silver compounds are very stable and there is no way for them to leave the cell.
So, ionic silver is attracted to cell walls, and will enter them the same way that the essential metal ions like sodium and potassium. Once inside, they chemically react with any sulfur or selenium in the cell and become insoluble. At that point they are stuck with no way out. As more silver becomes trapped, it begins to color the cell the characteristic blue/gray hue that Paul Karason is famous for.
Granted, it takes a long time and a lot of silver to make your skin turn blue. This is because most of the ionic silver is absorbed by the cells of a person’s internal organs long before it gets to the skin. However, it is cumulative, and builds up slowly. The first place it becomes visible is the whites of the eyes and the fingernails. Also, most of the silver which escapes being quickly absorbed by the cells of the digestive tract and liver will soon be converted to metallic silver by the glucose and other antioxidant chemicals in the blood. However, some remains as free ions circulating with the blood, and ends up in skin cells. It is the ionic silver which has been converted in the body to metallic which becomes effective against pathogens. This has been proved by electron microscope studies of metallic silver attacking bacteria.
Bacteria carry a positive electric charge, which is how they are able to enter and infect cells. This positive charge makes them attracted to metallic silver particles. When they come into contact, the difference in electric field between the two burns a hole in the cell wall of the bacteria, effectively killing it. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid ionic silver and use only metallic silver.
To tell whether your silver is metallic or ionic is very simple. Ionic silver is clear like plain water, and has a metallic taste. Metallic silver is yellow colored and is tasteless.