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Medical Disclaimer
Uses of Colloidal Silver
Types of Colloidal Silver
Equip Your Own CS Laboratory
CS Making – The Setup in Pictures
Preparation of Stock Solutions
Formulae to Calculate the ppm of CS from Current and Time
Making Stabilised (Capped) Reduced CS with Cinnamon Tincture
Making Ionic Silver (IS) or Silver Oxide
Making Heat-reduced and Sugar-reduced CS
How to post pictures in comments
Myth of pH 10 Colloidal Silver
Intravenous Use of Colloidal Silver
Argyria: Notes on the attempt to destroy the use of Colloidal Silver.
Production of High-ppm CS with Orchestra
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Electrode Geometry
Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction
Concern about Corn Syrup from GMO Corn
Using a Nebuliser to Administer Colloidal Silver
The Historical Use of Silver Salts and Colloidal Silver