A Useful Adjunct to Wound Healing

This is not directly associated with Colloidal Silver (yet) and my research is currently in the very early stages; however, I am putting this out in the hope that others will contribute in the “Comments” section.
I came across a treatment for Tinnitus recently which involves the use of coherent light, something I have known about for many years. The idea is that blue light calms the cells of the body and red light energises the cells. Some links follow:
I was sent a marketing letter offering this product, but the price was absurd (over 250 GBP) for what was obviously “just” a low-power red laser pointer connected to a flexible earpiece with a fibre-optic core, directing the laser light onto the eardrum. The power rating was stated as between 1 – 5 mW and 635nm laser diode (red light).
I thought about this for a while and made sure that I immediately bought several laser “pointers” in case the ignorant PTB attempt to ban their use and purchase. I now have several 1 mW (this is the standard-power laser pointer in the UK), and a couple of higher-powered laser pointers, in case power is important. The power rating for the commercial item is 5 mW.
The commercial device is a Class II medical device, and cannot achieve this designation without having a proven medical effect. As I have had good results against Seasonal Affective Disorder with home-made light boxes, I therefore thought that the concept was worth pursuing.
Starting at the lower end of the power spectrum, as the commercial versions are intended to be used for 20 minutes at a time, I shone a standard, unmodified red laser pointer of 1 mW at a small cut for about half a minute, and repeated this once a day.
To my astonishment (but I should not have been surprised, I suppose) the cut not only healed twice as fast, but the scab fell off in three days. I commend this to the readership, and I cannot help speculating that since CS in its’ ISO form is highly light-sensitive, the effects of a combination of red laser light and ISO may be interesting.
I shall be conducting further experiments and will report back.
SAFETY NOTE: Laser light, even at 1 mW, may cause eye damage; and 200 mW and 1000 mW lasers of any colour, will light a match. More power is not necessarily better in this instance. YOU CANNOT SHINE A LASER OF THESE POWER RATINGS AT YOUR SKIN for any length of time, let alone your eardrum, without SEVERE DAMAGE. A 200 mW laser burns skin in seconds. DO NOT DO IT.