Caveat – bear in mind that the results are anecdotal, sample size of one, and may have been affected by the placebo effect. However…
13.00hrs Friday July 4th 2014 – Consumed hot chicken salad in the work canteen and noticed that the chicken seemed very uncooked. Ate it anyway. (You tend to do that, if you are good at making CS).
22.50hrs Friday July 4th 2014 – Severe stomach pains. Assumed chicken was the cause, drank 200 mls CS (all CS doses were 20 ppm Cinnamon-reduced). Went to sleep.
06.30hrs Saturday July 5th 2014 – Stomach pain only slightly reduced, drank another 200 mls, went to work. Three other colleagues were off work sick with a stomach bug. Same pain during the day, no diarrhoea or vomiting, didn’t feel like eating much and went home normal time. 19.00 hrs ate a normal meal. Drank a litre of plain water during the day (Should have been more). Another 200 mls CS mid-morning.
08.00hrs Sunday July 6th 2014 – Stomach pain now diminishing rapidly, and felt to be much lower down the intestine. One stool passed, normal consistency. Only medically-interesting incident was that urine was very dark yellow and seemed cloudy. Kept up the higher-than-normal intake of water. Other urinations were normal in amount and colour, but more in frequency due to higher water consumption.
Monday 7th july 2014 – no symptoms, one colleague still off work today.
No sickness, no diarrhoea (at all). I normally take the CS much earlier (when I notice any stomach pain) in which case the pain and symptoms normally disappear within an hour. Not a bad result. I take at least 2 x 500ml bottles of CS on holiday with me for this purpose.