Concern about Corn Syrup from GMO Corn

I had a gentleman voice concerns to me about using corn syrup to make colloidal silver because the corn may have been genetically modified. I think more and more people are rightfully waking up to the possible dangers of genetically modified foods, so others may have the same concerns.
Corn syrup is a mixture of two sugars, glucose and fructose. It also has a small amount of salt and vanilla flavoring. Corn syrup is made from corn starch. Starches are long chains of glucose molecules which are broken down into single sugar molecules during the processing.
A molecule of glucose or fructose is identical in all respects to any other molecule of glucose of fructose regardless of its source. Sugar molecules contain no genetic material, and any aberrant proteins resulting from the modified genes cannot be present in the sugar molecules. Therefore, there is no risk from using corn syrup derived from GMO corn.