Argyria: Notes on the attempt to destroy the use of Colloidal Silver.

If you speak to people who know nothing about Colloidal Silver, and you give them a bottle of it to try, they will immediately go onto the Internet and search for the subject. They will then send you a panicky email and the email will almost certainly reveal their utter ignorance of Colloidal Silver by attaching a picture of, or a link to, Paul Karason;
Paul Karason not only consumed vast amounts of badly-made Silver Chloride, but also baked it onto his skin (Silver compounds are photo-sensitive) in what I can only assume was a deliberate attempt to become a talking-point in his home town. I don’t consider that he has achieved anything but notoriety for his action. I would also be interested in what he has to say about the damage that his absurd behaviour has done to the cause of Silver-derived health treatments.
The other person referred to by all the anti-CS Pharma people that all the ignorami mention, is Rosemary Jacobs. I am sorry for her severe skin blemishes, caused by her (prescribed) excessive use of (what was almost certainly) Silver Nitrate drops, but from her anti-CS writings, I can only conclude that she either doesn’t have the faintest idea what modern CS is (or how it is made), or that she is deliberately trying to put people off from using CS for reasons that I will charitably not comment upon. Either way, she hints that CS was responsible, when it had nothing to do with her skin condition. At the time she was prescribed her treatment, CS was not used or prescribed by allopathic doctors, and the substance she used was some form of Silver compound, almost certainly dilute Silver Nitrate.
I have heard of a few other Argyria cases, all caused by badly-made forms of Silver compounds, long-term use of high ppm products that almost certainly were not IS, or Mild Silver Protein. That’s it. No others. So we have a severe case of “anti-alternative-health-treatment theatre” constantly pushed under the noses of the unknowing by wicked men, in order to put off ill people from treating themselves with an excellent natural antibiotic. All because they want to mount a desperate defence of the dwindling profits made from their sale of allopathic drugs, while refusing to invest in any further research to discover new antibiotics. None of these cases occurred as a result of ingesting metallic CS.
The Chief Medical Officer of England has stated that she is very concerned that no drug companies are investing in new research into new classes of antibiotic, and that there are very few remaining antibiotics to which bacteria have not yet become resistant. She further states that the world is likely to soon enter a “post-antibiotic” era where diseases which were easily curable in the latter part of the last century, (such as pneumonia and gonorrhoea) once again become feared ailments. I agree with her analysis of this risk.
It never seems to occur to her that it might be the business of government to fund research that is for the good of mankind, but which is not financially-lucrative for private Pharmaceutical companies, but that’s a different issue. It also speaks volumes that Big Pharma has become so addicted to long-term drug sales that they are unwilling to fund research into drugs that actually cure people, preferring to finance research into drugs that have to be taken for long periods to maintain a semblance of health; but again, that’s a different issue (but one that is well-known to readers of this and similar blogs).
So we have three classes of Silver-containing liquids: solutions of Silver compounds, such as Silver Nitrate or Silver Chloride; Ionic CS; and finally metallic CS. Both IS & CS have amounts of Silver in them that are minuscule by comparison to the standard Silver compounds used in (for example) deodorants and clothing rinses. In theory, IS belongs to the same class of Silver compounds that possibly might cause Argyria if extensively and absurdly overdosed, but I have drunk large amounts of IS over the years, not knowing how to make the version for internal use (metallic CS) at that time. I never got any degree of grey or blue tint to my skin, ever, and no-one of my personal acquaintance has had any such problems either.
True metallic CS is infinitely less likely to cause Argyria. It is a completely different product, and I have consumed many litres of metallic CS since I learned to make it. Many thousands of people around the world have done the same, and the number of cases of Argyria to a degree similar to Paul Karason, Stan Jones or Rosemary Jacobs, is nil. That is correct; nil. This gives me considerable confidence that nothing is likely to go wrong with properly-prepared CS. I will repeat it, for the hard-of-reading: true metallic CS is much less likely to cause Argyria than IS, and IS is much less likely to cause Argyria than any other Silver compounds.
At 20 ppm, you would have to consume so much colloid in order to even approach a remote possibility of Argyria, that it is probable that you would die from water intoxication first. (Water intoxication is a condition where the blood becomes less concentrated than the fluid inside the cells of the body. When this reaches a certain point, the cells continue to absorb water through osmosis and swell. If the brain also becomes swollen beyond a certain point, the person can die).
It should also be noted that Paul Karason is otherwise completely healthy. Although I accept that his skin colouration is, to say the least, undesirable, he is living proof that Silver has effectively zero toxicity. All research into water purification comes to the same conclusion, that Silver is the one of the best water purification techniques, with zero downside to its’ use.
Kephra has also made a sensible contribution to this debate; steer clear of internal use of IS, and ONLY USE CS WHEN YOU ARE ILL or (I would add) for an occasional internal de-bugging.
Although IS is understandably sold as a “health supplement” by most sales websites, it is an antibiotic. Just as one should never dose animals with antibiotics long-term, so one should normally only use CS when one is unwell.
Will Fitzpatrick’s Open Letter about Argyria
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Finally, there follows a recipe for a cure for Argyria. I make no comment upon its efficacy or safety, but the person who discovered it said that he had done it successfully. It should be noted that the amount of Vitamin E may be on the high side, for some peoples’ metabolisms. It is included here for historical completeness, with no responsibility taken by this website or blog for its’ use.
A Cure for Argyria: The Formula
3 Vitamin E 1000 mg 100% Natural d-alpha Tocopheryl
1 Selenium 100 mcg yeast free
2 vegetarian Vitamin C 1000 mg
1 teaspoon MSM organic
1 super potency Vitamin B 100,
1 teaspoon of Kelp powder
Taken every morning with 2 16 oz glasses of water, with close to 3/4 of a gallon drinking water a day.